Connecting Reality

Impacting lives with Digital Currency

More than an NFT platform,
connect your reality with the digital world.



What is it all about?

The Concept of GogolCoin is simple but deep and impactful. We have developed a gateway to do something impactful in the physical world through our various platforms of which GogolCoin is the core. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Metagol, a Metaverse Gaming Platform
  • Meta Connect, a social network solution with chat, video, and audio support
  • Meta Now, Messaging & Calling App
  •, an eCommerce platform to purchase anything with Gogolcoin
  • GolXchange, a decentralized exchange
  • Staking Pools

Making Our World a Better Place to Live In

The income generated from the GogolCoin ecosystem goes for a noble cause.
The GogolCoin Ecosystem will support Agriculture and Organic Farming across the globe, Renewable energy, Poverty Relief Fund Support, War Relief Organizations, Children’s Education, Medical Aid & Research, Waste Recycling. For instance, Metagol, the Metaverse game is linked to acres of agricultural units and cattle farms in Egypt working towards a green and sustainable environment and associated with local charity organizations.

Project objectives

Our team is on the great mission to build various platforms with GogolCoin as the core and a greater vision of changing the world.

Our initial launch Metagol is a Metaverse gaming platform with endless possibilities and guaranteed fun that revolves around GogolCoin. Here the players are farmers who buy lands, plant crops, sell crops and vegetables, engage in animal husbandry, and much more. The players are rewarded with Gogolcoins and Metagol is linked to the acres of agricultural land and cattle breeding based in Egypt working towards healthy food production and a sustainable ecosystem. So Metagol is not just about endless fun but Earning Virtually & Investing in Reality.

We think one step beyond feeling the reality in the virtual world and let you contribute to the physical world without leaving your room, at a fraction of the cost, and above all having fun.

Customer Benefits

Joy of sharing

As the proverb says “There is no delight in owning anything unshared”, you are joining hands with a team of passionate minds who want to mark their contributions in changing the world.

An Ecosystem

We are building an ecosystem with various dimensions like Fun, Shopping, Social Networkingsolutions, corporate applications, staking and pooling, exchange facilities where you can reap profits with Gogol Coins.

Getting Tokens

You can get your Token through

Our Partners

We partnered with all and have invested in some of these awesome companies.

Silwana Diamond Investment

Is Group of Companies That Are Merged Corporately But Still Retain Their Identities To Effectively Mobilize Their Expertise And Resources To Exceed The Client’s Expectations.

AHuman employs a novel end-to-end neural network to generate realistic voice, mouth shape, facial expression, and emotions in body motion.

Project Roadmap

Our Process

Slide 1 Golex MetaGol 1.0 Launch Exchange Listings MetaGol
white paper launch
A top down- 3d isometric game revolving around players gathering resources, generating wealth and thereby expanding the farmland and safeguarding the farm from natural adversities.
PEGI: 7 years and above
Genre: Blockchain Farming Simulator. Our team is working on the process of listing Gogolcoins in Uniswap, Binance,,Kucoin and other popular exchanges. The Metagol white paper details the concept behind the game and explains the gameplan and the rewards and earnings involved. An Ecommerce platform offering 5000+ Gift cards and Vouchers with interesting rewards and cash back offers for users paying with GogolCoins. provides secure, trusted digital asset trading and asset management services, the highest quality investment opportunities, and the most rewarding trading experience. GolCoin Staking Pools Working on the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, the GolCoin staking pools aim at a 120% yearly returns. Gol Node Creation The latest revolution in Blockchain, GogolCoin team are working on Gol Nodes which generate income for node operators

The Brains behind Gogolcoin

Knowledge gathered from all around the world

Feras Abu-Hdaib

Chaiman / Founder

Feras Mohammad Abed Abu-Hdaib is a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in managing businesses ranging from Real-Estate, Machinery, and utility trading to Oil/Petroleum, Heavy machinery, and Nano-Technology based businesses.
He is the core founder of the multinational Silwana Diamond Group, the Ally, and the official partner of GogolCoin.

Soufian Mankou

CEO / Founder,

Founder / CEO

Naser Alqasimi

Silwana Diamond


Dr. Hani Chaaban

Vice President,
Silwana Diamond


Ahmed El Shafie

The General Manager,
Silwana Diamond


Mouna Ait ichou

Principal Software Engineer

Tarek Taki

Chief Technology Officer

Moad Achernan

Administrative Management

Amer Mbirek

Strategy Director

Ismail Hajam

Blockchain Expert

Omar Mbirek

Marketing Director

Sanju Muddam

Technical Development Manager