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What is it all about ?

CSH Project major idea

Digital Smart Homes, which runs on cryptocurrency, is a system that meets a variety of needs and solves the problems and hardships faced by property owners.

Using our system, the owner will have the ability to remotely manage all aspects of the property (or properties) he or she owns.

This can be done in real-time and at very little cost. Moreover, the system allows for the full protection of both individuals and properties.

The system was conceived using precise and well-thought-out procedures and mechanisms with the goal of solving the issue of “not having enough time”.

Why GogolCoin you ask ?

Making smart houses even smarter

One of the biggest advantages of our system is the ability to oversee the implementationof everything that is related to the needs of digital smart houses, which makes it the first of its kind in the world in terms of establishing such means.

Project objectives

The Prospects

The plans which have been put forward and that are to be implemented in this project have made this project possess limitless possibilities.

This is thanks primarily to the innovative approaches that have been adopted to develop the main idea, which is made up of the centralized digital management system and the CSH application for remote controlling the house.

These tools can solve all the problems that homeowners face, especially problems that are related to remote-controlling the house and covering the costs related to that.


Customer Benefits

Initial assessment

The initial assessment of the houses to put together a plan to turn them into smart homes.

Wallet setup

Opening and activating the digital account and linking it to the homeowner’s digital wallet.

Switching process

Studying services and insurance contracts and switching them to become under the system.

Additional Courses

Practical trading sessions and one-week courses on how to use the CSH app.

Major cryptocurrencies
As payment methods

With numerous advantages

- 50% discount on the cost of running the centralized digital management system.

- 30% discount on the cost of designing and developing the system according to the needs of the people who live in the house.

- 15% discount on all devices that will go into the smart house.

Project Roadmap

Our Process

Slide 1 Making the biggest transactions public on Telegram to attract its users Finding partner companies
and markets
Advertising using different platforms and news websites Adapting the digital system to the
various characteristics of companies
The various features of the project and the tools used to implement it have made it a very tempting and convincing project for other companies, which are set to become partners and support the project with their experience and expertise in exchange for shares of the company’s stocks. Advertising using different platforms and news websites Advertising campaigns will be systematic in nature and will be based on a precise strategy, which takes into account short- and long-term aspects.
The campaign will not only rely on traditional media platforms but will also make heavy use of online marketing, because it is very important and carries a lot of influence.
This digital system can meet all the needs of company owners, especially in terms of mixing traditional currency transactions (those that rely on a centralized system that is governed by the rules of banks and countries) and decentralized digital transactions. Creating a Blockchain for GogolCoin An idea of this size and with so many prospects needs a large and expensive marketing strategy to ensure that all points of strength and aspects of benefit are made known to homeowners. This messaging platform provides features that set it apart from the competition, in terms of privacy and security, and its user-base exceeds 400 million users.
This makes it the go-to place for a large number of companies and businessmen who want to present their own projects or keep watch on what other companies are offering.
Establishing a consulting firm with the purpose of creating projects that make use of cryptocurrencies The fact that many major corporations have started recently trading cryptocurrencies has made the whole system interesting to many countries, world systems, individuals, and other corporations. Constant searching of new markets and partner companies One of the sub-objectives of the project is to give power and legitimacy to GogolCoin and prepare it for trading among the various clients and within future projects. This will be done by creating what is known as the digital copy of a ledger, using connected blocks (a blockchain). After fully and successfully executing the plan of the first phase within the designated timeframe, in addition to securing important partnerships and convincing investors to buy shares in the company. Developing the CSH application The hybrid CSH application is being developed inside a Native Container using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
The Native Container allows for the loading of the maximum amount of information while the user is using the application.
The extensive studies that have been made by our experts concerning all aspect of this project emphasize that most of the problems from which independent homeowners suffer (that is to say, the lack of ability to control all aspect of the house remotely) are the same issue that plague other owners of apartments. Creating a new project under the name of “Digital Real-estate” The creation of these new digital real-estate projects, which expands our reach, gives us the ability to implement new cryptocurrencies to be traded among all those who are using our system. Adding new cryptocurrencies for trading between digital projects Increasing the number
of centralized digital management systems in several major cities around the world
Going off what has been discussed in the previous two paragraphs above (creating new digital real-estate projects and trading new cryptocurrencies), we need to add that it is important, for the idea to have the intended reach, to increase the number of digital management systems in strategic countries, such as the United States, China, and the United Arab Emirates.

The CSH App

The Prospects

The CSH app, which is directly synced with the centralized digital management system and the digital smart house, is in itself an innovative idea that has not been talked about before.

It is the best mean by which the homeowner can remotely control all the devices inside his or her house as well as keep track of his or her cryptocurrency wallet. Moreover, the homeowner can make all the needed transactions to cover the cost instantaneously and wherever he/she happens to be.

The application will be developed by the best team of developers in smartphone applications in the world.

The Brains behind Gogolcoin

Knowledge gathered from all around the world

Feras Abu-Hdaib


Naser Alqasimi

Silwana Diamond


Dr. Hani Chaaban

Vice President,
Silwana Diamond


Ahmed El Shafie

The General Manager,
Silwana Diamond Group


Amer Mbirek

CEO / Co-Founder,

Blockchain Specialist